Company Profile

Established in 1994 by Pat Johnson, Precision Automated Technology, Inc, has been transforming complex and labor-intensive production tasks and processes into smoothly operating automated systems. With the integration of the latest robotic technologies and controls systems, we are able to save our customers time and money while increasing throughput and quality. We excel at providing solutions where “off the shelf” or “stock” solutions do not exist. We provide equipment that will be an investment in the future of our customer’s company. Our reputation as a successful automation and robotics integrator has come from our ability to provide custom solutions to unique and demanding project requirements. We are able to provide complete custom solutions through all critical stages of a project, from conceptual design to installation and support. Our engineering and manufacturing facility is located in North Salt Lake, UT. Our building was designed and built to our specifications and to suit our production and design needs. Our location allows us to ship by a number of different means in an efficient manner to our many customers located throughout the world.

Our Customers

It is our belief that any project should be a partnership and a cooperative effort. We work with our customers throughout the design and build process to ensure that the effort to improve performance of the equipment is at it’s highest degree. We focus on measures that our customers seek, such as: increased throughput, greater efficiency, longer equipment life, lower operating costs and higher return on investment. Our partnerships are key to our success and we work very hard to develop and grow the relationship with our customers. We value the trust and relationships we’ve developed in our 21 years of doing business.

Our Vendors

It’s unusual when talking about a company to mention one’s vendors, but they have been a critical part of our success. We’ve built relationships with vendors over 21 years that have resulted in mutually rewarding results. We are privy to many of the new emerging technologies and products before they become known to the industry and enjoy unsurpassed vendor support in all aspects of a transaction. In 2013, Precision Automated Technology was named by FANUC Robotics as Integrator of the Year and for several years we have been honored for our unique robotic solutions to complex manufacturing processes.

What it All Means to You

Any project entails risk; it is the nature of the business that we are in. Our goal is to provide you the unique solutions to minimize the risk and maximize the return. We do this by building your confidence in our team and design throughout the entire process. We understand the value of automation and we’re able to integrate our industry-recognized skills, knowledge and experience into virtually any production line. Working together in a partnership we understand that success is not measured in a single transaction at a specific point-in-time, but how the partnership grows with each side recognizing the value of the other. It’s our goal to build relationships that last for decades, not simply days

Jim Wendler - CEO & President

Jim Wendler
CEO & President

Jim has been serving as President of Precision since July, 2003 and prior to that time served as Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of our company since March 2003. Jim brings with him many valuable years of experience in the operation of both large and small companies. He has helped install a number of internal processes in our company that have positioned us well for stability and growth in the future.

Jim received his degree in accounting from Colorado State University and his MBA from University of Washington in banking and finance. Jim is a member of the board of directors of the company.

Ryan Park - Vice President - Sales

Ryan Park
Vice President - Sales

Ryan has recently assumed this position after previously holding the title of Vice President of Engineering and Technology. Ryan leads Precision’s sales efforts with a strong emphasis on the technical sale and creating lasting partnerships with our customers and key vendors. Customers trust Ryan due to his long term employment at Precision. He was Precisions first employee in 1994. He is also a partner in ownership of the company. Customers also trust his opinions and insight as he leads them through a sale; this is based on his engineering background and experience. Ryan has been instrumental in the development of Precision’s design philosophy of “Sound engineering breeds creative innovation.” His designs have led to many of Precision’s noteworthy projects such as Paper Cup Denesters, Robotic Depanning Systems and Intelligent conveyors. Ryan also serves on the company board of directors.

Pat Johnson - Chairman / Company Founder

Pat Johnson
Chairman / Company Founder

Precision Automated Technology was built in 1994 by Pat Johnson (Owner and Chairman.) His many years of industrial automation sales, engineering and management experience have shaped Precision into an industry highlight.  Pat’s automation concepts and designs have found a home in numerous industries including but not limited to, food processing, automotive assemble and mining. Pat’s experience and commitment to innovation helps Precision in forming new business alliances and develop marketable technologies.  Pat and Precision continue to explore exciting opportunities and industries to better support product lines and customers.

Brian Wright
Director Of Engineering

Brian joined the Precision team again in 2017 after previously working here between 2007 – 2009.  He has over 12 years’ experience managing high-dollar, automation projects in the food and beverage, medical and aerospace industries.  He has extensive mechanical design experience and has also spent several years as a controls engineer where he did PLC and robotic programming.  Brian has experience programming Fanuc, Motoman, Kuka and Espson robots.  He has also designed and programmed the safety systems for large scale production equipment.  Brian enjoys the challenges of designing, commissioning and delivering custom machines for customers.

In his spare time Brian enjoys water and snow skiing, camping and 3D printing.  He is also a mentor for a local team that competes in the annual FIRST Robotics Competition.

Brian received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Utah and a Master of Business Administratio

William Holley
Mechanical Engineer

William (Billy) first joined Precision Automated Technology Inc. in 2008 as a parts delivery driver and since then has filled multiple technical roles within the company. After securing an undergraduate degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Billy went on to explore the municipal and industrial water treatment industry where he was heavily involved in equipment and machine design for multiple customers scattered across the U.S. and Canada. Over the past few years of his career within the water treatment arena, Billy has derived innovative solutions in both engineering design and fabrication practices that have aided in placing multiple customers on a platform of continued success both in machine functionality and profitability.
Billy’s hunger for innovation, coupled with his unique work history, have provided him with invaluable experience in implementing, designing, and fabricating a wide spectrum of mechanical systems. Since rejoining the Precision team in 2017, Billy’s previous first-hand experience fabricating and assembling Precision’s equipment have provided him a distinct edge in the both the design, and implementation, of PAT’s renown technology. When he is not engaged at work, Billy is enjoying the outdoors with his wife and three children.
Billy received his Associate in Pre-Engineering from Salt Lake Community College and a Bachelor of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Utah.

Layne Pyfer
Associate Electrical Engineer

Layne is the newest addition to the PAT team. With experience in industries ranging from medical component manufacturing to water/wastewater treatment, Layne brings a unique skillset to PAT. His experience in automated machine build and creative problem-solving helps foster innovation and smart machine design. His desire for continuous learning drives the design process and opens up it up to new and emerging technologies. With both electrical design and controls experience, Layne is able to convert complex, intricate processes into simple, easy to operate machines.

Layne graduated with an A.A.S. from UVU in Electrical Automation and Robotics Technology. When not at work he enjoys spending with his family and friends, hiking, camping and traveling with his wife.