Your Partner In Automation

Est. 1994

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Your Partner In Automation

Est. 1994

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Your Partner In Automation

Est. 1994

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For more than 20 years we have been providing automated solutions for labor intensive manufacturing.

Our Core Competencies

Custom Automation

Precision brings a broad range of experience and knowledge to your need for Custom Automation. We tailor the solution to your needs, this is done by bringing the customer in on the project as our Partner. 

No one knows your processes better than you, with our experience in automation and your experience in your process, it forms the perfect team.

Engineering Services

Our engineering team brings years of experience to the table. We are always working to stay on top of current engineering trends in the industry. 

Early in the process we identify and show you how automation provides benefits to your company. We work to provide the best ROI possible, while offering you the best solutions possible. We do not cut corners on materials, design, or equipment. We have extensive resources in Mechanical, Electrical/Controls and Robotic engineering.

Build To Print

Over several years, working with a number of companies, we have become a leader in Build To Print solutions. If you have an existing design and do not have the resources to build or duplicate the equipment, we are the solution for you.

We also work with customers who have an existing design, but want to make some enhancements. Our engineering team can assist you in the process as we build on your design.

Company News And Updates

Robotic Cupcake Depanner and Tray Denester

Update to a previous post “High-Speed Depanning with Four Robots“ This automated robotic cupcake depanner has the ability to depan up to 1,200 cupcakes per minute. As cupcakes move down a conveyor in their baking pans, two of four Fanuc robots depan the... read more

We Are Hiring: Robotic Programmer

Precision Automated Technology is hiring a Fanuc Robotic Programmer and Electrical Controls Engineer. Qualified candidates will have strong electro-mechanical skills with demonstrated experience in the successful implementation of automation, robotics, and control... read more

Fanuc Auto Backward Exit

Fanuc recently published a simulation video that brings attention to a valuable feature of their robots. This feature is called Auto Backward Exit. An exact exit path is recorded so if an error occurs the robot can backward exit without causing damage. Several... read more

Awards And Recognition

Precision Automated Technology is the recipient of a number of innovation and sales awards over the years.  These include: Robotic System of the Year, Excellence in Integration and Outstanding Sales Growth.  This recognition is indicative of our commitment to our customers and reflects our strengths in industry-leading technology.  We take pride in these awards and share the recognition with our customers as it demonstrates the long-term partnership that we strive to build on each and every project.

Award - 2011

Outstanding Sales Growth - From Fanuc America

Award 2012

System Of The Year - From Fanuc America

Award - 2013

Excellence In Intelligent Robotics - From Fanuc America

Award - 2014

Outstanding Sales Growth - From Fanuc America

Precision Automated Technology, Inc.

650 N Taylor Way, North Salt Lake, Ut 84054



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